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Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co. Ltd.

Credible Guarantee For Good Quality

  • High Quality
    • Experienced staff
    • Advanced technology
    • Excellent machine
  • Experienced Staff
    • The company’s management is comprised of experienced professional in the steam turbine industry.
    • The company has a total of 800 technicians.
    • 150 senior engineer
  • Advanced Technology
    Since imported Siemens technology, in 1987 and 1997 HTC signed another two contracts for making its technology improved up to date and keeping the step with Siemens’ development.
    Introduce 17 special apply program for design from Siemens
    TW0020, TW0010, TW0030, TW0050, TM0010, TM0020, TM0050, TF0010, TM5050, TW0040, TW00A0, TM0303, TM0101, TM0501, TM0080, RM0027, TMS555
    Main Special Apply Program

  • TW0020 - Control stage calculating program
  • TW0010 - Drum stage calculating program
  • TW0030 - Efficiency calculating program
  • TW0050 - Steam consumption calculating program
  • TM0010 - Drum stage group design program
  • TM0020 - Thrust force calculating program
  • TM0050 - Stability and vibration calculating program
  • TF0010 - Frow pass and blade desige program
  • Flow pass section drawing made by computer automatically

    Advanced design measure Advanced design measure
    three-dimensional CAD method used in designing turbine three-dimensional CAD method used in designing turbine
    CAE technology used in
    analyzing casing stress
    Finite element method used in
    calculating displacement of exhaust casing
    Finite element method used in
    analyzing compressing stress of casing surface
    Finite element method used in
    analyzing tensile stress of bolt
    • Manufacturing advantage:
      • Resin-shell mold casting
      • Numerical control machines are used in the manufacturing for main parts, e.g. rotor, casing and blade carriers;
      • High speed dynamic balancing test for the rotors.
    • Excellent Machine
    Manufacture Workshop

    NC rotor lathe Made in Germany
    NC vertical lathe Made in France Gantry milling machine Made in Germany
    Boring machine
    Made in Jermany
    Boring machine
    Made in Italy
    Dynamic 5-axis machine center
    Made in Switzerland
    Tool grinding machine
    Made in Jermany
    NC Vertical lathe machine
    Made in Italy
    3 coordinate measuring machine
    Made in UK

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