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Nanyang Explosion Protection Gp. Co.

  • Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co. Ltd. (NEPG), is a the largest explosion-proof electric motor scientific and production base in China with current annual output 4000 MW.
  • It has 3238 employee, including 689 specialized technical personnel among them 256 senior-medium-grade technicians. It includes 7 subsidiaries and 7 filial companies.
  • The products includes 0.01kW to 20000kW all kinds of Ex and standard electrical motors, motor-generators;3000kW to 60000kW steam turbine generator and Ex blowers, Ex electrical apparatus, and monitors.

  Steam turbine generators covers 3,000 to 70,000kW 2P and 3,000 to 50,000 kW 4 pole, exporting to UK, Turkey, Pakistan etc.
VF3 Machining Center VPI Vacuum Pressure
Impregnation facilities
Half Coil Tapping Machine The largest test station in the same industry in China 5500kW large electrical machine test station and large flame proof test equipment erected in the factory.