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Zhejiang Sunyard Environmental Protection Engineering.Co. Ltd.

Company Profile
  • Company was established:1982
  • Registered capital is 1,800 million RMB.
  • Employees in company : more than 350, among whom :
    • 2 persons are experts enjoying special allowance from the State Council.
    • 2 persons are Doctors.
    • 10 persons are Post-Graduates.
    • 16 persons are Senior Engineers.
    • 45 persons are engineers
  • Company occupies an area of more than 200,000 square meters.
  • Capacity of manufacturing: over 100,000 tons per year.
  • Scope of service: research design, manufacture, erection commissioning and after-sales service.
  • The main products:
    • ESP (electro-static precipitator) and FF (fabric filter) and other fittings.
    • Structural steelwork, construction engineering including net-frame engineering and related building materials.
    • IT
    • Energy
  • Company own:
    • 2 Certification of ISO9001:2000.
    • National licenses of ESP and F.F. of 200MW, 300MW, and 600MW unit.
    • Certificate of Foreign Trade rights.
    • Professional certificates of structural steelwork construction issued by Chinese Government.
    • Technology cooperated with Zhejiang University, Tongji University.
  • Technology supported by Rothem GmbH; we have introduced the ESP & F.F technology of 600MW~1000MW unit. The technology & performance of above ESP & F.F will be ensured by Rothemuhle
  • The Company is 1 in the foreign trade of ESP & F.F.
  • ZSEPE has built up timeless cooperative relationship with ABB, Alstom, Ducon Technologies Inc., USA, Kajiwara Iron Works Co., Ltd of Japan, Ebara Co., Ltd , Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd of Japan, CMEC, DEC, SEC, CNEEC, etc.. Products have exported to Indonesia, India,Canada, Japan, Saudi and the countries in southeast of Asia.
  • Sunyard's spirit: honesty, elegance, speed, teamwork, innovation, seeks for something best and wholeheartedly affords high-quality products and best services for customers.