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Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co. Ltd.
Steam Turbine

  • Reaction steam turbine under the license of know-how from Siemens AG.
  • Impulse steam turbine developed by own.

  • In 1975 HTC Signed a contract for license and know-how of Industrial steam turbine with Siemens AG

  • Second contract

  • Third contract
  • Multi-stage turbines are designed on building-block system and their through-flow part is optimized.
  • The turbine consist of three main sections:
    • Steam Inlet Section
    • Middle Section
    • Steam Exhaust Section
  • Base turbine type including:
  • Every type also including several dimensions.
  • Speed range: 3000~15000 r/min
  • Power outlet: 500~80000 kW
  • Max. Live Steam parameter: 14MPa / 540 ºC
  • Max. Exhaust pressure: 4.5 MPa
  • Longitudinal section of a steam turbine based on building-block system

  • The technical characteristic of the Siemens know-how turbines:

    • Designed on building-block system,standard components and standard sections
    • CAD design,optimized design
    • Standard low pressure twisted blades stage group, frequency un-modulation blades are used in all through-flow part
    • Products and components are serration, standardization and communization
    • Products are designed according to API612
    • Products advantage
      1. Wide suitability
      2. Reliability and safety
      3. Better combination between function and cost
      4. Easy to operate, maintenance and inspection

  • Condensing Steam Turbine

  • Back-pressure Steam Turbine

  • Steam Turbine For Boiler Feed Pump(1000MW Power Plant)

  • Condensing Steam Turbine for 48,000 m3/h Air Separation Device

  • Steam Turbine for Ethylene Plant

  • Condensing Steam Turbine for 48,000 m3/h Air Separation Device

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